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Online Conferences

System that connects up to 200 people in a conference and subtitles the speech of each participant in real time.

Investment: on analysis of time of use


Simultaneous automatic subtitles for streaming. The streaming undergoes technical analysis to check the technical availability of inserting subtitles in a pre-existing environment (platform). We have compatibility with events via Zoom and Youtube - contact us for other types of streaming.

Investimento: sob análise de tempo de uso.

Subtitle projection

Transcription and translation of the speaker's speech projected together with their presentation at in-person events.

Investimento: sob análise de tempo de uso.

App for simultaneous interpretation

The app performs the simultaneous interpretation of contents in events or specific interactions.
It works from one to several, that is, during lectures or interactions in which there is an announcer speaking to an audience. All participants have the app on their cell phones and access the content that is being spoken in their preferred language.

Investimento: sob análise de tempo de uso.



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What do you think?
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